Welcome to the
Mixed Museum

We are a digital museum and archive that works to contribute to widening knowledge about Black and ethnic minority British history through sharing and preserving the social history of racial mixing in Britain for future generations.

On our Timeline, you can find an overview of the history of racial mixing in Britain from 1900 onwards; over time we will be expanding the Timeline to include earlier periods. We also explore in detail aspects of Britain's mixed race history through our exhibitions and, coming soon, our e-publications.

Please take the time to explore and enjoy our Museum and do check back regularly for information on our developments.

Mixed Museum Timeline

Social history of racial mixing in Britain, 1900-2020

Our original Mix-d: Museum site will shortly be relaunched as The MIxed Museum. In the meantime, you can still explore the Mix-d Museum's Timeline of key and lesser known events and episodes involving mixed race couples, people and families in Britain during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

AMRI Exhibition

Mixed Race Irish Families in Britain, 1700-2000

A digital exhibition exploring the fascinating and longstanding history of mixed race Irish families in Britain. Curated by The Mixed Museum in collaboration with AMRI (Association of Mixed Race Irish).

'Brown Babies' Exhibition 

A collaboration between ARU and The Mixed Museum to showcase the findings of Professor Lucy Bland's research on the children of Black American GIs and White British women - aka the 'Brown Babies' - who were born during World War Two.