Welcome to The Mixed Museum.

We are a digital museum and archive dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of racial mixing in Britain for future generations.

Our mission is to widen knowledge about the multiracial history of Britain and the longstanding presence of Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic minority people in the UK. Our focus is on those whose histories have not always been considered important enough to be recorded.


Our story

The museum started life in 2012 as a way of making the findings of a small British Academy-funded research project available to the public.

This academic project was undertaken between 2007 and 2008 by Dr Chamion Caballero and Dr Peter Aspinall, and focused on official accounts and first-hand experiences of racial mixing in 20th century Britain. While the initial research findings inspired and formed the foundations of the 2011 BBC2 series Mixed Britannia, it was clear that a more permanent home was needed for this material.

In 2012, Chamion and Peter received a small grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Digital Transformation Scheme, allowing them to collaborate with Bradley Lincoln, Founder of the social enterprise Mix-d, to create a pilot digital resource. The result was the Mix-d: Museum, an interactive online repository for wide-ranging material on racial and ethnic mixing in 20th century Britain.

When the initial funding came to an end, the interest in and enthusiasm for the museum remained. In 2019, the museum entered a new phase when, renamed The Mixed Museum, we relaunched as a non-profit organisation. The original interactive online repository became our central collection, The Timeline, around which we create digital exhibitions with relevant partners.


Our organisation

The Mixed Museum is a non-profit organisation, relying entirely on grants and donations.

Our funders include Anglia Ruskin University, the Association of Independent Museums, the Institute for Historical Research, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Arts Council, among others.


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