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Multiracial Brent
The Boy from Brent
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By the cut of their cloth

Welcome to By The Cut of Their Cloth


All about 'By The Cut of Their Cloth'

Stories of Colonial Brent

A look at Brent's colonial past

Introduction: Colonial Brent

Read about our exploration of Brent's colonial history

The Ecco family

A Black family at St Mary's Church, Willesden

Princess Omdutel Aurau Begum

The sad tale of an Indian princess in Brent.

Gladstone Park

Slave trade links of a beautiful site

'Britannia Pacificatrix'

The connection between a Brent grave and imperial display https://www.traditionrolex.com/27

The British Empire Exhibition

A show of imperialism at Wembley

Multiracial Brent

Stories of modern migration and multiculturalism from the borough

Introduction: Multiracial Brent

A look at the borough's diversity from the post-war period

All About Brent

Key stats and info about the 'Borough of Cultures'

The West Indian Comes to Willesden

Discovering Joan Maizels' 1961 report into Caribbean migration to Brent.

The Grunwick Strike

The groundbreaking strike by Brent migrant workers in the 1970s

Multiracial education in Brent

Racism and anti-racism in Brent schools in the 1970s and 80s.

Musical Excellence

Multiracial showbusiness in Brent

Icons of Colour

An exclusive interview with the team behind the 'Icons of Colour' exhibition

The Boy from Brent

Curating Warren's 'family archive'.

Introduction: Boy from Brent

About Warren Reilly

Discoveries from the attic

Warren's family archive

Urban Angel

How an agency took on the modelling world

Growing up in Brent

Warren's experiences being mixed-race in Brent

DNA story

Warren's DNA journey

Archive Discoveries

What we discovered in the collections at Brent Museum and Archives.

Introduction: Archive Discoveries

Discovering mixed-race histories of Brent

Rajah Rampal Singh and Princess Alice

An Indian prince and his white English wife in 19th century Wembley

The 'Black' man of Neasden Stud Farm

Challenging archive labels

'Prince' Mac Fee and Jennie Lung

The very public divorce of a Willesden couple.

Rupert Scott Blair

A fraudster in Cricklewood

The Mayling sisters

The glamarous Stonebridge sisters who married wealthy Indian men

Hastings Banda and Merene French

The Malawian president's longstanding affair in Brent.

The Nehra family

A longstanding Wembley family

Brent Stories

Brent residents and creatives share stories of their mixed-race and multicultural family histories with BTCOTC

Introduction: Brent stories

Collecting stories and artwork at our Open Days

Family Stories: Susann

Carnival and identity

Family Stories: Sue

From South Africa to Wembley

Family Stories: Muriel

A Sri Lankan diaspora

Creative Stories: Simmi

Reflections on exile and migration

Creative Stories: Angela

Stamps inspired by multiracial families

Creative Stories - Jade

Nail art and identity

Creative Stories: Kinga

The centrality of mixedness to Brent Museum and Archives' resident artist's work

Fashioning our History

Exploring stories of racial mixing and multiculturalism using fashion as a lens

Introduction: Fashioning our History

Using fashion to share history

18th century inspiration

Georgian inspiration

Power Dressing: Mac Fee Lung

Fashion as status in our BTCOTC stories

Power dressing: Ram Singh Nehra

An Indian man in court dress

Power Dressing: Phyllis Mayling

1920s' glamour in Brent


Bridal outfits in our BTCOTC family stories

Modern inspiration

Modern inspiration

Fashion memories

Fashion as memory for our BTCOTC families

Rude Boys

Brent artist Ava on her fashion identity

Artistic Responses

Creations from our workshops, inspired by Brent's mixed-race and multicultual history.

Introduction: Artistic Responses

Encouraging creative responses to historical accounts

BTCOTC Workshops

Mood boards, Illustration and Photography

Feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements and Feedback

BTCOTC thanks and a chance to comment