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29 April 2024

Learn about our new project exploring the locations of WW2 Black GIs camps in East Anglia thanks to funding by ARU.

27 April 2024

A conversation with genetic counsellor Sasha Henriques – part of our ‘Reclaiming History Through Science’ project

26 April 2024

Undergraduates present their insightful research findings at a special seminar attended by our Director

23 February 2024

Celebrating a musical pioneer at the Brighton Dome through our micro-exhibition and short film

21 February 2024

From textbooks to real world research, Anglia Ruskin University students help us explore archives

15 January 2024

How our collaborative new project is bringing together Britain’s wartime ‘brown babies’

22 November 2023

Thanks to the Dome, our new short film will tell the story of composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in Brighton

15 November 2023

Exploring the extraordinary life of the mixed French musician Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who was friends with the Prince of Wales