ARU students take on ‘Live Briefs’ for The Mixed Museum

Continuing our long term partnership with Professor Lucy Bland and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), this spring The Mixed Museum has embarked on a new collaboration aimed at helping ARU’s first year history undergraduates gain insights into real world historical research.

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What is a 'Live Brief'?

Designed by ARU to provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to a professionally relevant task, Live Briefs allow students to gain understandings of real world problems in their fields. They also allows organisations providing the briefs to be presented with possible fresh and creative solutions from outsiders.

For The Mixed Museum's Live Brief, students will have the opportunity to hone their research skills by working in teams to visit local and digital archives to gather material under six themes that are all linked to live projects at the museum.

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Getting started

To kickstart their exploration, our Director, Dr Chamion Caballero, joined the students by Zoom to give them some tips on the challenges searching for mixed race histories in digital archives, such as the British Newspaper Archive.

The collaboration culminates in April, when Chamion will travel to ARU to hear the student teams present their findings and provide them with feedback. Exceptional presentations may also feature on The Mixed Museum's blog and newsletter, providing the students with a platform to share their discoveries with a wider audience.

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