‘By The Cut of Our Cloth’ – The Mixed Museum collaborates with Brent artist Warren Reilly

A smiling young man of mixed race sits on a desk in an art studio. He is wearing a black robe and silver necklace. On the wall behind and to the side of him are fabric art prints.

The Mixed Museum is delighted to be collaborating with Brent-based fashion designer and artist Warren Reilly.

Warren has been awarded funding by Brent Museum and Archives as part of its ‘Being Brent’ programme. Our collaborative project ‘By the Cut of Their Cloth’ explores Brent’s rich multiracial and mixed-race history, through a focus on fashion. The project will conduct an open call to the local community for personal photographs that will encourage residents to explore and celebrate Brent’s and their own multicultural and mixed race past.

Practical workshops in visual research, photography, illustration and image making will uncover family histories and contribute to existing archive collections, for future generations to study and enjoy. You can read more about the project here.

If you are a Brent resident and would like to participate in the project, please contact BTCOTCproject@yahoo.com for details.