Our YouTube channel surpasses 30,000 views

Created in 2020 to house the webinar videos from our ‘Brown Babies’ exhibition launch, The Mixed Museum’s YouTube channel is developing into a strong platform of its own.

With 460 subscribers, and over 30,000 views, our channel is increasingly playing a role in sharing our work on Britain’s longstanding history.

Screenshot of The Mixed Museum's YouTube analytics page showing over 30,000 views.
Over 460 subscribers and 30,000 views!

A global audience

The YouTube algorithm means that our videos are reaching audiences who might not typically come across TMM’s work. You might be surprised to learn that most of our YouTube viewers are based in North America. We love that so many Americans, Canadians and others around the world are engaging with our British-focused historical content. A special hello to our farthest away viewers in Fiji!

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has already subscribed, watched, liked and commented on our videos as all these actions help boost our content to other YouTube users, and help share the history at The Mixed Museum.

What is on The Mixed Museum's YouTube channel?

Videos on our channel are grouped by playlist so that you can find content on a particular theme. In the wake of Channel 4’s Britain’s Secret War Babies documentary, our ‘Brown Babies of WW2’ playlist – featuring accounts of those born to Black American GIs and white British women during the Second World War – have become increasingly popular. An incredible 20,000 people have watched the clip of Bill Wileywho we spoke to in February – on DNA Family Secrets, which was kindly provided to us by Minnow Productions.

Meanwhile our own in-house videos of Ann Evans, who was placed in Holnicote House nursery in Somerset at just a few weeks old, and Dave Green, who was eventually reunited with his father, have now had around 2,000 views each. Our clip of Isabel Adonis – the first guest in our new In Conversation With series – reading from her new book ‘And’ has also resonated with a book-loving public, with almost 5,000 views since it was posted last month.

Short videos showcasing our most recent exhibitions – Out of the East Into the West and By The Cut of Their Cloth – and our Wikimedia 'Connected Heritage' project can also be found on our channel.

New content

When asking what you would like to see from us, one response has become loud and clear: more videos! So over the next year, we’ll be working to create more video content, both in-house and with our partners. We’re delighted that Local Colour Productions has offered us footage from Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU) sponsored roundtable with nine ‘Brown Babies’, GI Trace’s Sally Vincent, and ARU’s Professor Lucy Bland, which we’ll be turning into short YouTube videos.

Local Colour is behind Terry’s GI Dad, an upcoming documentary film about Terry Harrison’s journey to find out about his American father. We also have another great video from our By The Cut of Their Cloth project to upload, as well as a Short Takes video on Avril Coleridge-Taylor.

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