Latest News

12 May 2023

A ‘full circle moment’ as our Associate Creative Director explores historical fashion with other dress historians

12 May 2023

It’s one year since the launch of our exhibition exploring Brent’s multiracial history through fashion, art and photography.

11 May 2023

Our visit to Bodmin Keep Army Museum’s Study Day, focusing on the impact and experiences of Black American GIs in 1940s’ Cornwall.

31 March 2023

Our Creative Director showcases fashion memories from our Brent-based project at the ADH’s annual ‘new research conference’ in April 2023.

8 March 2023

The Mixed Museum is participating in two events run by Bodmin Keep Army Museum exploring the Black GI presence in Cornwall

7 March 2023

We are chosen to be part of the cohort participating in the Museum Association’s Mindsets + Missions programme.

6 March 2023

The Mixed Museum’s YouTube channel has become a strong platform, sharing Britain’s mixed race history with a global audience.

8 February 2023

‘SussedBlackWoman’ will share SuAndi’s life and work with a new audience thanks to the Association of Independent Museums.