[caption id="attachment_3761" align="alignnone" width="732"]Black and white image of SuAndi performing on stage with a spotlight highlighting a smaller shadow image in the background. SuAndi on stage. Photograph by Ali Mehdi Zaidi.[/caption]


About the SussedBlackWoman exhibition

My name is SuAndi

And I am a poet


I come from a family of talkers


I glided with the grace of knowing my place in the world/ towards the brick fortress of how many thousand days before escape


Friends become so important when family has gone.

The Establishment

Here there is no humanity/ That lets men live in insanity

New Stages

The arts world can be a family if you see others not as competitors

The Arts

And when the true history is told? Who will wear the chip then?

SussedBlackWoman Gen Z workshops

Conversations with young people

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